As a packaging for luxury goods, perfume bottles have been separated from their category as packaging containers and have gradually become an ornament. More and more fashion people have joined the collection of perfume bottles, and even some people have linked them to mood and fortune. Together. H
Corrugated rollers are generally made of 48CrMoA steel. After medium frequency quenching or nitriding, their hardness is generally above HRC55. The life of the corrugating roller is related to the material and width of the base paper used. The use of corrugated paper, which has a rough, high sand c
Rosewood is divided into white rosewood and red rosewood, red rosewood is commonly known as old redwood Not long ago, the CEO of a mahogany furniture factory made a ranking of red wood on this website. Later, this website also heard a different voice. Now, please ask Ma Xinjia
Solid wood furniture is simple, natural and dignified, but it is easily deformed due to changes in its moisture content, so it is especially necessary to take care, especially in this hot summer. For example, the sun can not be directly exposed for a long time, not too cold or|||||